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The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer of the Corporation and chairman of the Training Committee, which shall meet at least four (4) times per year.  Additional meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held as needed.  The President shall preside as chair at all meetings of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall have and exercise the powers of the Members on all matters within the budget, except that the Executive Committee shall not have any power or authority as to the following:  (i) the adoption, amendment or repeal of these Bylaws; (ii) the amendment or repeal of any resolution of the Members, or (iii) action on matters committed by these Bylaws or resolution of the Members to another committee of the Members.  Two members of the Executive Committee must approve and sign all expenses above and beyond the approved budget.

Executive Committee
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  • Chester County Youth Center
    • Organization: Chester County
      Contact: Paris Webb, Training Corrdinator, JDCAP Training Committee Chair
      Address: 505 South Wawaset Road West Chester, PA 19382
      Phone: (610) 793-5910 x 5015
      Voting Member? No

  • JusticeWorks YouthCare
    • Organization: JusticeWorks YouthCare Inc
      Contact: Dipesh Chauhan, JDCAP Treasurer, Director of Program Development
      Address: 1500 Ardmore Blvd. Ste. 410 Pittsburgh PA 15221
      Phone: (877) 525-5992
      Fax: (412) 241-6675
      Voting Member? Yes

  • Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center
    • Organization: Lancaster County
      Contact: Drew Fredericks, , JDCAP Immediate Past President , Director
      Address: 235 Circle Avenue Lancaster, PA 17602
      Phone: 717-299-7821
      Fax: 717-299-3314
      Voting Member? Yes

  • Shuman Juvenile Detention Center
    • Organization: Shuman Juvenile Detention Center
      Contact: Richard Gordon, JDCAP President, Director
      Address: 7150 Highland Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15206
      Voting Member? Yes

  • The Bradley Center
  • Westmoreland County Regional Youth Center
    • Organization: Westmoreland County Regional Youth Center
      Contact: Carlos Alejandre, JDCAP Vice President, Director
      Address: 2490 South Grande Blvd Greensburg PA 15601
      Phone: (724) 830-4251
      Voting Member? Yes

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